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My first blog!


Welcome to my first blog, how exciting!

I will be blogging about all of our adventures out and about including Forest Schools, Beach Schools and be letting you know what's been happening in the school garden.


We have been really busy starting our preparations for the new growing season. In the hall on the window sill we have started lots of seeds off and Mrs Leach is kindly allowing me to use her window sill too! What have you been growing at home? Is there anything you think we should grow at school? Please let me know. smiley


Years 2 and 4 are attending Forest School at the moment and having lots of fun! Make sure you take a look at the Forest School page.


Mrs Harvest

Mary Anning

Hi Class 5

It would be really useful if you could do some research about Mary Anning at home. Maybe find some books in the library about her or find some information from the internet.



Hi Class 5,

This term in Science we are going to be finding out abour fossils. If you have any at home or can borrow one from somewhere I'd love you to bring some in. Have any of you ever been fossil hunting? If so, where? What did you do? Did you find anything?

Mrs Brewer


Hello Class 5,

I am back on the blog!

Your challenge for our new topic is to consider what you already know about coasts.

Think about

  • the features of coasts
  • the landscape
  • the climate
  • changing coastlines
  • wildlife and animals
  • what happens to the coast?
  • coastal protection
  • tourism
  • employment

You could create a mind map of your ideas.

Have fun!

Mrs Tuohey

David Walliams World Book Day Challenge!

Dear Trinity class,

Don't forget the challenge we set in class today. 

'Why should David Walliams come to Instow School to read us a story on World Book Day?'

You have just 50 words to write a clever and convincing reason!

Good luck!smiley

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